Our most frequently asked questions answered

How does RedBook.com.au price my car or bike?

In short, we don't. What we do do is provide you with an overall market value based on research. Because individual cars or bikes can be valued higher or lower depending on market forces a RedBook Personalised Valuation offers you a more accurate market value for your car or bike based on variables like kilometres travelled and overall condition.

How does RedBook.com.au determine quoted prices?

RedBook's price guides are determined based on extensive research. This often involves sourcing sales data through auction houses, motor dealers, manufacturers, field research and major automotive classified websites in Australia. This vast volume of data is then reviewed by RedBook's expert pricing panel each month and pricing in our database is updated to reflect any adjustments.

How often is the information updated on RedBook.com.au?

For new models and changes to specifications, information is often updated daily on RedBook.com.au. Used vehicle prices are typically updated on a monthly basis.

Can price vary in different geographical locations?

Generally speaking, there are no major price differences around Australia. Professional buyers operate all around Australia as it is generally easy and inexpensive for traders to move vehicles from one location to another.

What does "trade-in" price mean?

Trade-in prices quoted on RedBook.com.au indicate the price range you could reasonably expect from a professional vehicle dealer as a trade-in offer for your vehicle on another vehicle.

What does "private sale" price mean?

Private sale prices quoted on Redbook.com.au indicate the range you could expect to achieve - or pay - for a vehicle which is being sold privately (not through a dealer). Private sale prices are typically less than retail prices. Dealers will often bring cars up to a marketable standard, both mechanically and aesthetically, as well as provide warranty coverage post-sale. Such inclusions are not provided by private sellers.

Will kilometres travelled impact the value of my car or bike?

Many factors will impact the market price of a car or bike. One of the key factors is kilometres travelled. Included in the pricing valuation range on RedBook.com.au is a kilometre band based around a range of kilometres travelled. A RedBook Personalised Valuation offers you a tailored market price valuation based on kilometres travelled and condition of your car or bike, as well as any options which have been fitted.

Is the condition of my car or bike relevant to a price valuation?

Many factors will impact the market price of a car or bike. One of the key factors is the condition of your car or bike when compared with its age. Conditions can range from 'Poor', meaning it has dents, damage and potentially rust, through to 'As New', meaning it's in showroom condition. A RedBook Personalised Valuation offers you a tailored market price valuation based on the condition of your car or bike, as well as taking into account any options which have been fitted and kilometres travelled.

How do I know what the condition of my car is when purchasing a Valuation Certificate?

Please use the following as a guideline when choosing the condition of your vehicle when purchasing a Personalised Vehicle Valuation Certificate:

  • As New - Showroom condition, No money to spend
  • Very Good - Very well maintained, Full service history
  • Good - High degree of originality, Minimal signs of wear and tear
  • Average - Reasonably well maintained, Mechanically sound, Only a few paint and panel blemishes
  • Fair - Minor mechanical repairs needed, Minor body damage eg scratches or dents
  • Poor - Major mechanical repairs needed, Dents, damage and rust may be evident

Does the Price Guide or RRP include 'On Road Costs'?

Price Guides and Recommended Retail Price (RRP) for new cars and bikes are provided by manufacturers and will include GST and Luxury Car Tax (if applicable) and does not include 'On Road Costs'. Price Guides and Recommended Retail Price (RRP) for new cars and bikes will exclude 'On Road Costs' such as optional extras, dealer delivery, registration, stamp duty and any other government charges which may apply. These charges can also differ from state to state, so it's a good idea to ask for a single figure price from the seller before purchasing.

I can't find a price guide for my car on RedBook.com.au, why isn't it there?

RedBook.com.au covers the Australian market for Australian Designed Regulated approved vehicles and the occasional high volume grey-market import vehicle (for vehicles specific to another country please visit www.redbookasiapacific.com). RedBook utilises the manufacturer build date stamped on the vehicle to determine the year of the vehicle. In addition to this, used car price guides are available for cars which have been on sale for longer than 6 - 9 months so as to enable sufficient sales related data to be gathered for a more accurate price guide. For new cars, price guides are available by selecting the Future Valuation option. A Future Valuation provides you with a guide to what your car will be worth in 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 year's time.

What if I want to search for cars, bikes or boats for sale, where can I find these on the Internet?

Right here! RedBook.com.au allows you to search for cars for sale by clicking on the "Cars for Sale" link in the top menu. The same "For Sale" link is also available under the Bikes and Boats tabs in the top menu. These search engines are powered by carsales.com.au, bikesales.com.au and boatsales.com.au, Australia's number one automotive, motorcycle and marine classified websites.

How can I find a car I'm interested in, without knowing exactly what I'm after?

We've made it as easy as possible for you to search for and compare cars on RedBook.com.au. You can search by 'nice to have items' by selecting options from the "Refine Search" navigation menu. This will allow you to find right vehicle for what you are after through specifying different search parameters such as manufacturer, body style, year and more.

Are the RedBook Personalised Valuations recognised by Industry and Government Departments?

RedBook.com.au is generally recognised as a leading provider of independent specification and pricing valuation services by Industry and Government Departments.