Recall wrap: Jeep Cherokee clutch sticking

Water seepage doesn't mix with Volkswagen T6 commercials' electrics, and Audi Q3 front indicators stop flashing

FCA Australia has announced a recall for the KL series of Jeep Cherokee for MY2014. The vehicles concerned were sold in Australia between February 1, 2014 and January 1, 2018. A sticking clutch in the transmission of the 2263 vehicles subject to the recall may force the transmission into neutral while on the move, potentially leaving the vehicle at risk of collision. According to the importer, the fix is a transmission control module software change, which will be undertaken by servicing dealers. FCA Australia will contact owners by mail, and further information is available by contacting the importer on 1300 133 079.

Volkswagen's short-wheelbase T6 commercial vehicle range is being recalled to address water seeping into the control unit for the electric doors. The importer advises that the 424 vehicles recalled – all MY2017-2018 models – could incur 'local heat damage' and some risk of fire from the wiring system shorting out. Volkswagen Australia will contact vehicle owners to arrange for repairs in servicing dealerships. For further information, owners may phone Volkswagen's recall hotline on 1800 504 076.

The Audi Q3 for MY2015-2018 is being recalled for front indicators that cease operating after an indeterminate period. According to the importer, the 312 vehicles affected are fitted with LED headlights. Audi Australia is contacting vehicle owners, but further information is also available by phoning the company on 1800 502 834.