Personal Car Valuation

Only $24.95

What is it worth today?

With independent pricing for over 65,000 models stretching back to 1960, you can find out what that used car is really worth before you buy or sell.

A RedBook Personalised Valuation is unique to the car and takes into consideration important differentiators such as kilometres travelled, any added factory and aftermarket options as well as a car's condition.

Future Valuation Certificate

From $24.95

What will your new car be worth tomorrow?

What will your new car be worth tomorrow? We all know some cars hold their value better than others. Knowing how much that new car may be worth down the track can help you make a more informed purchase decision today. A RedBook Future Valuation is unique to you and takes usage into consideration - how many kilometres you travel and how long you intend to retain it.

Single Valuation Certificate
  • 1 x Valuation certificate

Simply select your vehicle details, how many kilometres you estimate it will have travelled and a future date - up to five years time from now - and we'll send you a personalised certificate with the forecast future value of this car.

Only... $24.95

Triple Valuation Certificates
  • 3 x Valuation certificates
  • 3 x Summary pages
  • 1 x Comparison graph

With three valuations in one you can compare the future value of up to three cars at once or compare the value of a single car year on year. Choose from any combination available and receive three personalised certificates with all the information you need to make an informed buying decision.

Only... $49.95

How can a RedBook Valuation help?

When selling your car privately...

A Redbook personalised valuation will help you get a clearer understanding of what your car is worth in today's market. It can also be particularly handy during negotiations with potential buyers, with your list price backed up by an independent vehicle pricing authority and tailored to your vehicle's kms and condition.

When trading-in your car...

A Redbook personalised valuation can help make the choice between selling privately and trading-in simpler, with up-to-date market values for each sale price option displayed on your certificate.

When buying a car...

Whether you're buying used or new, a Redbook valuation can put you in a stronger negotiating position through understanding the market value of the car you're after at the time and even in the future. Not only will you have peace of mind when it comes to paying the right price for your new car, you'll also ensure you understand the potential future resale price too.

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