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Tough and stylish, for under $10,000

Anyone lucky enough to commute daily to work by boat knows the toll that is taken on their boat by being tied up at a commuter wharf all day -- rubbing gunwhales with the ragtag bunch of other commuter boats.

The boats that best handle this daily bump and grind are roto moulded polyethylene models, the same type of boats charter companies use as tenders because they are virtually indestructible.

But now Polycraft, the Queensland company that makes a range of roto moulded poly boats from tenders to serious offshore fishing models, has come up with a nifty and stylish 4.5 meter runabout that will be as happy as a small family fun boat as it will doing tough commuter duty.

The Polycraft 4.5m Drifter Runabout will be launched today (Thursday August 26, 2010) at the Brisbane Boat Show at the Convention and Exhibition Centre, Southbank. The recommended retail price is $9580.

The boat has Polycraft’s signature reverse chines that give excellent stability at rest while also promoting lift when the throttle is pushed forward. It is built with a double hull for safety and floatation and with no seams, welds or joins. The company says polyethylene moulded boats have five times the impact resistance of fibreglass boats.

The 4.5m Drifter Runabout has an enclosed bow area to protect the occupants from the elements, a stylish wrap-around one piece windscreen, storage for safety gear and the ability to be fitted with a canopy for added weather protection.

The two seats up front have rounded pedestal bases to increase deck space and to prevent items from going missing in the dark.

So stylish is the boat that it is as likely to be used as a family fun runabout as a commuter boat.

It will seat four adults and take long shaft outboards up to 60hp. Like all poly boats it offers a quiet and comfortable ride and as with all poly boats it requires a trailer with full length support arms rather than rollers.

Check out PolyCraft.com.au for details on the company's full range of boats.

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